What is a Pavilion?

A Pavilion is a flexible architectural open space that invites people to come in and spend time in it.

It could be temporary or permanent and might even change its form and function. A Pavilion might be used as a: shelter, seating, meeting point, cafe, theatre, or for lectures, events, exhibitions, sports, play, relaxation, work and much much more.

Each year the Serpentine Galleries invites a leading architect to design a pavilion for the front lawn of the Serpentine Gallery. The Serpentine Pavilion contains a cafe and space for people to meet and sit. Events, including talks and performances, are held inside the Pavilion over the summer. Previous Serpentine Pavilions have been compared to a cloud, a shell, smoke drifting between trees, and one contained a secret garden. What will inspire your pavilion design?

In this section you can find out more about past Serpentine Pavilions and watch videos with leading architects and designers.