Build Your Own Pavilion

Architecture Glossary Part 2

Here’s the second installment of our Architecture Glossary. Why not check out the What is a Pavilion page to see if you can spot any of the items from this list and the first one. What items will you use when designing your Pavilion?

Hipped Roof

A roof with four sloped sides. The sides meet at a ridge at the center of the roof.


The central wedge-shaped stone at the crown of an arch that locks all parts together.

Pav 5


Woodworking joints in carpentry.


Making buildings or structures from stone or brick


A decorative strip of wood often along the skirting of a room or around a panel.


A smooth surface, usually rectangular (or sometimes circular) in shape and framed by a molding, and often featuring decorative, sculptural carving.


Similar to a terrace, a patio is an outdoor extension of a building, situated above the ground level, and open to the sky. A patio is talked about as a more informal space than a terrace.

Pav 6


A structural support, similar to a column, but larger and more massive, and often without ornamentation. Pillars can be round or square in section, and are most often made of brick, stone, cement, or other masonry, although substantial wooden timbers can be formed into pillars.


The inclined, sloping framing parts of a roof, and to which the roof covering is affixed.

Pav 7


A sloping surface joining two different levels, as at the entrance or between floors of a building.

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