Build Your Own Pavilion

3D CAD tutorials

Explore the possibilities of 3D CAD with your students using these video tutorials from Build Your Own Pavilion. Created by educator-engineers Kidesign especially for young people, this tutorial series will help students get to grips with free 3D CAD software and equip them with new digital design skills.

The video tutorials demonstrate how to use the free 3D design software Autodesk Tinkercad. It is available to all, super simple to learn and compatible with almost any computer as it runs directly within your internet browser.

There are six 3D CAD tutorials in the playlist below, covering how to navigate the software interface, make 3D shapes, move, modify and combine them, as well as many other useful features, tips and tricks. In the last tutorial, Kidesign show you how to create the 2017 Serpentine Pavilion by Francis Kéré in 3D.

You can also watch all six tutorial videos on YouTube.